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Carpet recycling made easy For You

SouthBay Junk Away takes all types of household and commercial carpeting. After we remove your carpet, we evaluate its condition and decide whether it should be disposed of or recycled.

Rest assured, our old carpet pick up experts in Torrance will always choose the most environmentally-friendly method available.

5 Star Carpet Removal Services

Changing up your carpets? Let our junk pick-up team in Torrance take the old one!

Thinking of house renovation but having trouble replacing an old carpet or putting in hardwood floors?

If you throw out a large carpet in a less-than-ideal condition, it may not be accepted by your trash collection company. However, our Torrance carpet removal company is here to help.

Our On Time Eco Friendly Top Rated Junk Removal Services

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How do you remove carpet from stairs?

To remove carpet from stairs, begin by pulling it free from the tack strip. Next, pull the carpet towards the ledge, cutting along the nose of the landing with a utility knife. Use both hands to steadily remove the carpet from the vertical riser, cutting it into manageable strips for disposal.

How do you dispose of carpet?

Carpets can be thrown into the garbage with other household waste.

However, your local waste pickup service may not accept old carpet in large quantities.

Instead, you may be required to bring the carpet to a designated waste drop-off facility, or wait for a bulk-trash pickup day.

How our services work

Our Carpet Removal Process

  1. Schedule your Junk Removal service here or by calling 310-359-6961.
  2. Our friendly carpet removal team in Torrance will contact you within 15-30 minutes before your scheduled 2-hour appointment. When we arrive in the area, we’ll check the items you want to be removed and provide you with an up-front all-inclusive price. 
  3. We’ll do your request, being sure to only touch the items we’re taking away, and sweep up the area. Our old carpet pick up and hauling team in Torrance will only collect payment once the job is complete.
Carpet Removal

Frequently Ask Questions

We remove all types of carpeting, including wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs, carpet tiles, and more.

No preparation is required on your part. Our team will handle everything, from lifting and removing the carpet to disposing of it properly.

Yes, our team can access and remove carpet from various locations in your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, stairs, and more.

Carpet removal on stairs requires careful cutting and lifting. Our team is experienced in stair carpet removal techniques to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Yes, we can remove carpet padding along with the carpeting. Our team will ensure all components are properly disposed of.

We prioritize responsible disposal methods. Depending on the condition of the carpet, it may be recycled or disposed of at appropriate facilities following environmental guidelines.

We aim to accommodate your schedule as quickly as possible. Depending on availability, we can often schedule appointments within a few days of your booking.


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